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To facilitate trading velocity and expansion of the network, New Market has some simple Trading Rules that clients agree to and benefit from. Our rules are a road-map designed to build each other's businesses.

PRICING: Products and services sold will be at the seller’s regular listed price. Members may negotiate special sale prices and discounts but inflated pricing is not permitted.

OBLIGATION: Client will accept 100% New Market Dollars (NM$) as payment for products and services for the first $1,500.00 of any Transaction. Applicable taxes, surcharges and gratuities may be paid in Canadian Dollars (CAD$) or New Market Dollars (NM$) at the seller’s discretion. (Note: can be applied to annual agreements).

PERFORMANCE: Client will sell products and services up to a positive trade balance of at least NM$5,000.00. Client may request to have its Trade Account placed on "Spend Down" status if the account balance exceeds the minimum of NM$5,000.00. (Note: this rule is suspended during the Trial period).

LOYALTY: New Market will provide Client with access to Members within the trade network. Client acknowledges the value of these business relationships and commits to trading with these Members through New Market, honouring all applicable Transaction Fees and Commissions.


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