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At New Market, our core values are the foundation on which we seek to build BC's Premier Trade Network.

At New Market, we are committed to building lasting relationships with our clients. By valuing people over profits, we believe that a strong, vibrant and effective network will be realized. Ultimately, it's people that make up the network and it's people that we value most.

Integrity is the spirit we live by. At New Market, we work to earn our clients trust through honesty and commitment, our guiding principles as we expand the network. We know that by building a solid reputation, we are investing in the value of our company.

If you're going to do something, do it right. At New Market, we strive for excellence in all we that do, delivering a rich and meaningful experience for all of our clients. Our high standards help us to draw quality businesses into the network, so that everyone wins.

We care for our clients and want to serve them exceptionally. At New Market, we invite our clients' input and feedback, keeping us accountable and building a culture where our clients are confident in the level of our service.

We love innovation - it's in our blood! At New Market, we embrace change and are proud to be on the leading edge of our industry. We have an insatiable appetite to leverage technology and develop systems to produce an ongoing quality client experience.

Creativity is an economy unto itself. At New Market, we invest strategic design into everything we do. Our ROI is a compelling story that people will want to tell. This marketability positions the network for growth, providing more choices and opportunities for our clients.


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